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Friday, March 7, 2014

New Baby is in da House! Wacom Bamboo One CTL-471 Small


Hi readers. I just got back in town (read: Manipal *insert sigh*) last week. Yea my holiday is OVER! Now I hafta get back to class everyday, six days in a week, hafta face the books, teeth arrangements, cavity preparations, and so on. A typical dental student life, what can you expect. Haha. But I'm glad I didn't cry at all. Oh my, I really didn't cry you know? And no homesick :D Alhamdulillah.

Oh ya, last week I had bought something online. Guess what. Now I have my own graphic tablet! Seronok gilaaa! How I really want to have that thing so long! I once searched it on eBay, but all of them were so expensive I couldn't afford to buy it. Well, I'm not that fanatic to spend about RM1k on this gadget. But during my vacation last time, I had chitchatting with a senior from my college, and he is one kind of an expert-I-would-say in drawing comics. He was the one who initiates me to have my own graphic tablet. And I was so surprised to know that his graphic tablet only costs him around Rs2k, which is equivalent to about RM100++ only. ONLY! Then only I realised I never know Wacom has this cheaper model of graphic tablet instead of all the expensive ones I saw in eBay once upon a time :P so, the model is Wacom Bamboo ONE!

Wacom offers ONE in three different sizes; small, medium and large. Mine is the small one. Well, I think small is enough for me. I'm a beginner though. And small size for this ONE model is not that small like what I think before actually. The size is just like an iPad mini.

My graphic tablet is called as Wacom Bamboo ONE CTL-471. I had it for Rs3600 which is quite cheaper than in Malaysia. I don't exactly know the current price of this tablet in Malaysia, but last time I asked the worker of a computer store in Ipoh, he said the cheapest is around RM300. So mahal! Thus, I made my mind to just purchase it in India :P

I received it two days back. No. I mean, three days back. As I told you, I always procrastinate on completing my blog entry hehe. I was sooo excited to unwrap the parcel, and to preserve the moment, I did record a video, ala-ala konon nak buat video unboxing la.. haha.. But the video was a horror. Tell me how am I suppose to record a good video using my left hand, while my right hand doing the unboxing? That's kinda stupid haha but yea, that's how I did it, that's why it turned out to be, yea, HORROR! Hahaha

Never mind, yesterday I already did a photography session with my dear Bamboo. I wrapped and placed it back into the box, exactly like how it was before. Struggle enough?

JENG JENG JENG.... Let's unboxing it!

I didn't wrap it neatly I know =)

Here they are! One happy family at home!

This whole set consists of the tablet itself, a pen, a USB cable, three extra pen tips, and a small box of CD for installation and a piece of paper contains the basic instructions.

This is our main actor, Mr Bamboo!

The pen. There's a, urm I don't know what it is called as, but it's like a long button which you can press it to perform a certain function when using it on the computer.

This is the close-up of the pen tip.

I'm not really familiar with Wacom Bamboo products, but as far as I know, they also sell this pen individually with different types which i don't know what differs one kind from another. Maybe you can do your own research if you wanna know more about it, because so far, I am satisfied using only this pen.

If you want to know more about the specifications of this graphic tablet, do visit http://www.wacom.asia/onebywacom/

The first drawing I did using Bamboo. Shaking everywhere. Still longggg way to go. This is exciting!

I put this entry under Review label, but please do not expect a 'real' review from me. Hahaha. This is just an unboxing review, it's enough right? :P

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Assalamualaikum
    Kat kedai mana kat Ipoh yang jual wacom tu? Yang lama dah rosak nak beli baru kak