Order Guidelines

To Order Doodles

Kindly read this terms and condition before you place your order :)

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone.

Illustration based on photo given

Price: RM 15 for single person (top-to-toe,  top/bottom/hijab with complicated pattern)
RM 10 for single person (top-to-toe, plain/simple pattern top/bottom/hijab)

Accessories: RM 2 (eg: handbag, handflower, veil)

For adult / kids (not babies)

Example: Handbag (accessory)
Hijab with complicated pattern

Please note that my illustration follows just the outfit of the person in photo given. I don't do face illustration :)

  1. Place your order by email me the photo(s). Kindly ensure the photo is clear. If you can give more photos for a subject, it is better for me (email is given below).
  2. You can include your explanation of what you want in the email if you prefer to.
  3. I'll summarize your order and will give you the total payment.
  4. Make the payment through Maybank.
  5. Printscreen/ scan/ take photo of the payment receipt as proof and email it back to me.
  6. I'll proceed with your order :)

I think the steps I explained are quite detail am I right? :P

Illustration is given in form of .png

Email: laena_kim@yahoo.com

Insha Allah your order would be done within 3-7 days.

Waitttt! There's one more thing I would like to ask.
Kindly ensure the subject is appropriately covered. I mean, I am a muslimah, and I hope to only draw people with their aurah covered according to Islamic teachings.

Chest covered with scarf (hijab)
Arms and legs are appropriately covered
Clothes are not see-through

Covered from belly button to knees

Or else, you can request me to cover them in my drawing (eg: The subject is not wearing handsocks or socks in the photo)

To see more on my amateur artworks, feel free to view this :)
Thank you. May Allah bless.
Jazakumullahu khairan kathira.