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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Doodle Doodle.. My Friends Are Doodlized (If There Is Such Word)

Hi, just a short update. On my doodles. Haha
Well my subjects are always the people I like, kan, kalau unlike ada ke hati nak buat doodle pulak. Haha
So, right now, my friends are my families here, and like everyday I see their faces, what they wore today, what stories they got in that day, and everything lah senang cerita. Cey bajet. Hang cakap mengalahkan hang paparazzi lak.

Okay okay. Proceed!

This is Farah Hanaa! And her seat in lecture hall just right behind me. She was also my classmate back in KMS. This is actually a long-time request. I don't remember how long has it been since they day she asked me to 'doodle' her in one of her tweets, last month, maybe?

And unfortunately, only last week I managed to make this, and alhamdulillah she likes it! I made her wearing that vintage roses baju kurung which is my favourite baju kurung of hers. It was the same baju kurung she wore during our first meeting in Dewan Tun Hussein Onn (DTHO) in KMS, on our registration day in that college. The first day in KMS! But of course I can't make it exactly the same like the baju kurung she has. But somehow, it DOES resembles it. Haha.

But a bit dissatisfaction I have in this doodle. I don't what was going on with my mind at the time I made this. Background and the skin colour are the same, seriously Iliana? Apa yang nampak kalau macam tu? Haha

And because of that, I turned it into another way round, with darker background, like this one:

It looks better, I reckon? It DOES! I say IT DOES! Hahahaha. Oh and not to forget to mention that I just installed a few new types of brush last week! Brushes for roses, flowers, PAISLEY, hair (I don't know why on earth did I downloaded and installed this brush ==''), laces, and many more! Like the one I did for Farah here, I use roses brushes and lace brushes. Looks much more realistic kan? Cewaaah. 

And today Tiara (my dentistry batchmate) came to my room to make her very first caramel pudding (she told me so!) because I have induction cooker and steamer in my room. Oh and a refrigerator in the room next to mine (Anis and I are sharing the fridge together :D). To chill the pudding. Haha. And her pudding turned out greatly! We ate the pudding together, and in order to capture this moment in a very Iliana's way, I made her this doodle! Hehehee

I think that's all for now cause I really need to get myself to bed. Yesterday I only had like 1 hour of sleep because of that too-many-too-wide scope of Oral Biology subject that need to be covered for this third block exam. Blame myself for the last minute study. Haihhh -.-''

Oh and tomorrow I should be coming for a daurah, and Iliana, yes, you should really go to sleep now. Like, NOW! K babai. Assalamualaikum!

Monday, April 22, 2013


Assalamualaikum. Hi. This is WOMAN. I did this a few minutes ago, out of boredom of reading Physiology. Nahh I know I'm not supposed to use this time, at this moment to doodle, and then blogging?? I don't care. Haha. This is the first 'stylish' doodle I have ever made. First. On the night before the physiology exam. Haha. Actually it is not that hard to draw this kind of stylish-stylish style of doodling, in fact you are more free to move your fingertip on your laptop's touchpad without need to be careful in order to ensure the line of your drawing is neat. And because of that I took less than 10 minutes to finish this drawing (I think it was about 5 minutes only!). And then colouring, and editing a bit more, and yea, 20 minutes spent on this doodle. Tadaaa!

Actually I am going to sit for physiology papers tomorrow, for this 3rd block exam. And tell you what, today I spent my time in the library from 2pm to 9:30pm. How awesome is that?? *wink wink* Awesome isn't it. HAHAHA

And again, ACTUALLY, I want to share something. Something that I've been thinking a lot lately. But I cant tell it now. Maybe later. Insha Allah. So, keep enjoying my doodles! (I hope you like it!) Hehe bye!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Endless Hope


Hi! This is my art for today. Hurgh I don't know, supposedly I have to study for the upcoming block exams, but looks like I feel useless tonight. I don't know why, but I feel so hard to even just read that Anatomy book. JUST READ. Even that I feel so hard. Maybe this is a test from Allah, so keep on positive thought!

So to kill time before I sleep, I did this! I googled many of islamic quotes, and this time, this quote win my eyes. And my heart. Eh? Haha. How did the idea came out of using those hot air balloons in this drawing (I don't have idea on any better term for this, so, drawing it is)? Haha the answer is simple, it's Him who gave me the idea. Andddd this is my first attempt of drawing clouds on Adobe Photoshop, I hope they look okay! ^^

Sometimes, I get sick of this course which need me to read books and even memorizing things, which I  have never liked to do. But we just can't quit it. I just can't quit. Ya Allah please give me the strength, and please make me gain back my interest in this study TT_____TT

Okay so that's the conflict I'm facing now. Inner conflict. Haha. I love dentistry but dentistry doesn't love people like me, lazy people like me! Haha. But it's okay, I believe in way Allah has put my name into. Because He never give us burden which we can't afford, so, Iliana, have faith and keep going! Don't quit! Insha Allah. Allah is always with us, no fear bebeh!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Doodles of the Month

This entry is gonna be a verrrrrry long entry. Not gonna write lengthy essay this time, I hope so hehe. So this entry would be lengthy because of my April doodles collection!

Like I wrote in my previous (is it? I hope Im right) entry, I was one of the committees for Hijab Day event which had taken place in our college in Manipal University from April 5th to 7th. And being a multimedia committee, I need to polish my photoshop and illustrator skills ngeh3. So this is my very first "menjadi" doodle, and I made it special for myself :P

Next would be this girl. She had became the main character for the event's promotion.

And for promotion purpose, I made these display picture/ default picture/ default photo whatever they call it and we changed our DPs together, like most of my friends did the same. Awhhh terharu gila :') I designed them that way so that we can see its continuation, I mean like at first, you use that "Coming Soon" dp, and it did made people wondering, "what's this?" Then we changed to the next dp, until the last dp which revealed what event will be taken place in our college. This is how we did the event's gimmick :D

This girl, I made it for a poster entitled 'Does My Head Look Big In This?' and 'This' refers to hijab.

Hijab Day poster. These two doodles were made by Hazwani. Okay guys this is seriously an easy way of doodling. I asked her and Alyani, my other friend to help me by contributing their skills in doodling, and no computer needed. I just asked them to draw on A4 paper, and then scan it, and give the soft copy to me, and I did the rest, like colouring using Adobe Photoshop. See? How easy is that? *rolling eyes*

Hijab Day poster

Hijab Day poster

These are the bookmarks I made for Hijab Day as the 'cenderamata' for our batchmates. It has been like a tradition here to made stuffs like this in every event conducted. The first 3 doodles were made by Alyani, and the 4th one is by Hazwani. My job is just to colour the doodles and design bookmarks! Haha interesting gila kan?

Hi, this is Afiqah. My girlfriend ngengngeng hehe. I made this for her last night, when we both spent the night together in the hospital to keep Aina company. Like usual, I draw in Adobe Illustrator and do the rest in Adobe Photoshop. However this one looks pretty fatty kan, haha but in Adobe Photoshop, don't worry, nothing seems to be a big problem to be fixed insha Allah.

You just need to 'compress' it so that it would look thinner hihi. I made this doodle based on her picture like above :P

The final presentation :D

And lastly, this one I made for Aina this morning in the ward. I tried to make it look almost like her by using that blouse of her which I really like, and she always wear it with that blue-black square hijab and a pair of white pants.

And so did the spectacles. For those who notice how her specs' frame looks like, they would notice the same in this doodle :P only if they zoom the specs part la. Hahahaha

The final presentation. And I gave this to her already by transferring this into her handphone. I hope she likes it!

Okay that's all for now. It's the time for me to go back to reality, as a dentistry student =.= May you all enjoy my arts. Art is meant to be shared so that the whole world can feel our love hihi (quote that on me!)