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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Endless Hope


Hi! This is my art for today. Hurgh I don't know, supposedly I have to study for the upcoming block exams, but looks like I feel useless tonight. I don't know why, but I feel so hard to even just read that Anatomy book. JUST READ. Even that I feel so hard. Maybe this is a test from Allah, so keep on positive thought!

So to kill time before I sleep, I did this! I googled many of islamic quotes, and this time, this quote win my eyes. And my heart. Eh? Haha. How did the idea came out of using those hot air balloons in this drawing (I don't have idea on any better term for this, so, drawing it is)? Haha the answer is simple, it's Him who gave me the idea. Andddd this is my first attempt of drawing clouds on Adobe Photoshop, I hope they look okay! ^^

Sometimes, I get sick of this course which need me to read books and even memorizing things, which I  have never liked to do. But we just can't quit it. I just can't quit. Ya Allah please give me the strength, and please make me gain back my interest in this study TT_____TT

Okay so that's the conflict I'm facing now. Inner conflict. Haha. I love dentistry but dentistry doesn't love people like me, lazy people like me! Haha. But it's okay, I believe in way Allah has put my name into. Because He never give us burden which we can't afford, so, Iliana, have faith and keep going! Don't quit! Insha Allah. Allah is always with us, no fear bebeh!


  1. Assalam sis :) Actually am going to sit for Mara interview this Thursday. In Dentistry course InshaAllah. So, is there any chance for me to keep in touch with you? Twitter or Facebook maybe? Thank you :)

    1. waalaikumsalam, hi there! this is my facebook : https://www.facebook.com/iliana.yusoff
      and my twitter u can search @laenaaaa
      bagitau ye yang tu awak kalau nak contact kat fb or twitter :)

  2. kak can i keep in touch with you too ? :B

    be strong you can do it ,
    i know that :)

    1. aaaaa taktau la ony... takut arghhh! hahahaha. ni pe kes asyik keep-in-touch2 ni ha??! i smell something fishy here... hahahaha