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Monday, April 22, 2013


Assalamualaikum. Hi. This is WOMAN. I did this a few minutes ago, out of boredom of reading Physiology. Nahh I know I'm not supposed to use this time, at this moment to doodle, and then blogging?? I don't care. Haha. This is the first 'stylish' doodle I have ever made. First. On the night before the physiology exam. Haha. Actually it is not that hard to draw this kind of stylish-stylish style of doodling, in fact you are more free to move your fingertip on your laptop's touchpad without need to be careful in order to ensure the line of your drawing is neat. And because of that I took less than 10 minutes to finish this drawing (I think it was about 5 minutes only!). And then colouring, and editing a bit more, and yea, 20 minutes spent on this doodle. Tadaaa!

Actually I am going to sit for physiology papers tomorrow, for this 3rd block exam. And tell you what, today I spent my time in the library from 2pm to 9:30pm. How awesome is that?? *wink wink* Awesome isn't it. HAHAHA

And again, ACTUALLY, I want to share something. Something that I've been thinking a lot lately. But I cant tell it now. Maybe later. Insha Allah. So, keep enjoying my doodles! (I hope you like it!) Hehe bye!