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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Doodle Doodle.. My Friends Are Doodlized (If There Is Such Word)

Hi, just a short update. On my doodles. Haha
Well my subjects are always the people I like, kan, kalau unlike ada ke hati nak buat doodle pulak. Haha
So, right now, my friends are my families here, and like everyday I see their faces, what they wore today, what stories they got in that day, and everything lah senang cerita. Cey bajet. Hang cakap mengalahkan hang paparazzi lak.

Okay okay. Proceed!

This is Farah Hanaa! And her seat in lecture hall just right behind me. She was also my classmate back in KMS. This is actually a long-time request. I don't remember how long has it been since they day she asked me to 'doodle' her in one of her tweets, last month, maybe?

And unfortunately, only last week I managed to make this, and alhamdulillah she likes it! I made her wearing that vintage roses baju kurung which is my favourite baju kurung of hers. It was the same baju kurung she wore during our first meeting in Dewan Tun Hussein Onn (DTHO) in KMS, on our registration day in that college. The first day in KMS! But of course I can't make it exactly the same like the baju kurung she has. But somehow, it DOES resembles it. Haha.

But a bit dissatisfaction I have in this doodle. I don't what was going on with my mind at the time I made this. Background and the skin colour are the same, seriously Iliana? Apa yang nampak kalau macam tu? Haha

And because of that, I turned it into another way round, with darker background, like this one:

It looks better, I reckon? It DOES! I say IT DOES! Hahahaha. Oh and not to forget to mention that I just installed a few new types of brush last week! Brushes for roses, flowers, PAISLEY, hair (I don't know why on earth did I downloaded and installed this brush ==''), laces, and many more! Like the one I did for Farah here, I use roses brushes and lace brushes. Looks much more realistic kan? Cewaaah. 

And today Tiara (my dentistry batchmate) came to my room to make her very first caramel pudding (she told me so!) because I have induction cooker and steamer in my room. Oh and a refrigerator in the room next to mine (Anis and I are sharing the fridge together :D). To chill the pudding. Haha. And her pudding turned out greatly! We ate the pudding together, and in order to capture this moment in a very Iliana's way, I made her this doodle! Hehehee

I think that's all for now cause I really need to get myself to bed. Yesterday I only had like 1 hour of sleep because of that too-many-too-wide scope of Oral Biology subject that need to be covered for this third block exam. Blame myself for the last minute study. Haihhh -.-''

Oh and tomorrow I should be coming for a daurah, and Iliana, yes, you should really go to sleep now. Like, NOW! K babai. Assalamualaikum!

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