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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Manipal Interview

Assalamualaikum. So the interview was held yesterday. Tuesday, 17th April 2012. It was done in group of four students of respective course. I got into the same group as Shikin, Aina and Jaie. We are all dentistry students. Oh i mean future dentistry students, insha Allah. So the interview went smoothly. Of course you would feel very nervous before attending an interview, and that's what I felt yesterday. Just about a few hours before the interview, all of us started to feel like having butterflies in our stomachs. Well, I always said it in term of 'dah banyak dah rama-rama membiak dalam perut ni'.

Oh this is the night before the interview. Mannn I ironed my baju kurung! I couldn't recall the last time I ironed my baju kurung. What for? My baju kurungs don't need to be ironed, they look just fine every morning. Hehehehe

Oh this is Anis and her team mates. One is missing. The interview was held in the PSP (our term of library/ Pusat Sumber Pembelajaran). Everyone felt the same feeling as mine. The butterflies feeling. Haha

But alhamdulillah, Allah has made everything fine. We just sat and like chit-chatting with the two interviewers. One of the interviewers is Dr. Norliza, who is a dentist, and the other one I don't remember his name, but he is a professor in medical field in MMMC, and both of them are dentistry and medical lecturers respectively in MMMC. Fortunately, Dr. Norliza is a friend of Aina's mom, who is a dentist as well. What a small world.

Oh ya, I was the first person to talk in the interview because we were set to sit according to our application form. My application form is the first they put on the table among my team members, so it regardless whether I refuse or not, I HAD to talk in the first place. But alhamdulillah, I managed to talk without any difficulty, I mean without so much difficulties.

But frankly speaking, you have to be honest in interview. Only then you could speak so confidently. I remember one question that was asked to me is how did I know about dentistry, is it from my conversation with any dentistry student or anything? I only have like 2 or 3 seconds to think and I just let my mouth to say anything that could satisfy the question. Luckily in 2010, before I decided to take dentistry for MARA scholarship application, I met a dentist in Ipoh General Hospital to ask for her opinion regarding my future career. I even stated her name in front of the interviewers, "...and her name is Dr. Wong..."

I told them that I asked Dr. Wong (who is also a dentist who is in the progressed of being an orthodontist at that time) whether I should or not to take dentistry? To make it simple, I told them she said YES. And then I told that I asked Dr. Wong whether I should or not to pursue my study in India? Dr. Wong is also an India's graduated dentist. All she said to me was YES, because in India, you wouldn't find any ease in life. Life is a struggle. You would learn the real life that could make you stronger to survive in this world. Yes, India is the best choice, Insha Allah.

Oh ya, there was also a tricky question. Dr. Norliza asked us about our plan B if we really cannot pursue study in dentistry because of the hardness of doing this course. At first you might think that this is a trick question to see whether we really want to do the course, but lemme tell you, it is not. It is because Dr. Norliza said that not everything that we want would be granted by Allah. We can only planning, but if Allah has any better planning for us, we cannot do anything. Allah is the Great Planner, right? So what happened then? Jaie said she would become a lecturer, Shikin would become a teacher, Aina chose to be an ustazah, and I? Yes, I would like to pursue my study in business because I told her that I already have the interest of doing business in myself, it just that I have more interest to be a dentist than a businesswoman.


Okay this is what we wore on that day. I don't have any idea whether it was a purple day or what, but it seems like girls really love to wear purple. Me? I just feel like I look better in purple. Always. Haha.
Oh, just ignore my eyebags or panda eyes or whatever you might call it.

Ahha, we just got this letter today. Regarding our passport soon. Just the 'pengesahan sebagai pelajar tajaan MARA'. It can help, MAY help us to get discount for the passport. Insha Allah. Ya Allah, when I read this letter this morning, I couldn't describe my feeling. I was just like to cry, or maybe not. I just feel like oh man I just have to pass this examination and then I will pursue my study in India. But the problem that make me somehow like to cry, or maybe a little bit stress is that HOW IF. How if we... Okay I hate to say this so I don't want to say it :D

I depend everything to Allah. Wish for any luck for me in International Baccalaureate. I insist to be a dentist. I just don't want to change my course to medical. Hopefully. Kbai.


  1. =)

    bittaufiq wannajah =)
    semoga Allah beri kejayaan di dunia dan akhirat pada kon dan sahabat2.
    andai ditakdirkan menjadi dentist,jadilah dentist yang dapat bagi manfaat pada manusia dan islam jugak.
    Allah dah bagi peluang untuk anda2 berbakti pada manusia. hargai ia dengan menyambung risalah dakwah nabi saw jugak. =)

    allthebest buat bakal dentist2 muslimah profesional. =)
    jadilah dentist,muslimah sejati dan mukmin profesional jugak. =)

    p/s: dah lama sangat tak singgah dan komen kat blog kon ni. =)
    p/s: dah lama sangat tak komen tak sini. =)

  2. mekaseh Anon... adakah Lins Shanif ni? haha