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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Delicia: Sunday Treat

Date: 15/04/2012
Venue: MARA College, Seremban

Baker's Boy 'roti boy'. Bought at T1 Seremban. Oh I ordered this from a friend of mine who went out to T1 this afternoon actually. Love love muchhhh. Perfecto for my tea time. ahaha

So, this is RTK. Roti Telur Kentang. Hazim recommended this to me. It costs only RM1.70. You can find this at Medan Selera Ampangan, Seremban but if you are at home, don't be lazy. Just make this for yourself at home okay. Okay I love its roti telur because the telur which layered the piece of bread is soooo thick. The price worth it.

Alright, this is my dinner. Also from Pak Din Corner at Medan Selera Ampangan which we used to go whenever we feel like to eat outside. But today we just called the owner of Pak Din Corner and they delivered these foods right infront of our college. Transportation cost is saved :) So this is Nasi Goreng Kampung. RM 4.00.

Farah's and Wani's- Nasi Goreng Biasa

A must-order dish- Pak Din Corner's tomyam. Oh myyyy I think many of us love their tomyam. I like it because of its sourness and for sure it tastes hot. One of the best tomyam I've ever tasted, I guess so. hehe

Yes.. A TURTLE! Not to eat, but this is specially came all the way from Terengganu just to meet his new owner, which is me! A present from Fiqah, my classmate. Oh ya, she gave this kind of keychain to all MD62 members. Mine is purple~

Let's eat more! haha

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