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Friday, April 25, 2014

Two Events of the Same Week; I'm Screwed!


Hahaha tajuk tu gempak je lebih. Takde la screwed mana pun, tapi ada la screwed sesikit macam nak screw gigi kat cast plastik (i dont know whether it is really called as 'cast'?) untuk kelas Conservative Dentistry tu, sikit-sikit terlepas. Hahahaha

K cut the crap. Actually minggu depan, we're gonna have two big events. First. Hijab Day. And second, Liqa' Mahabbah. And to make the story interesting, I am involved with these two events as committee member. Multimedia committee for Hijab Day and Promotion committee for Liqa' Mahabbah, andddd we're having block exam now. Yep, this week and next week. Haha

So far, I have skipped like two meetings for Hijab Day. Actually, that means I've never been to any of Hijab Day meeting. Okay the first meeting was held during the day that BDS kids were having class. Okay never mind. And the second meeting, which was held yesterday, also I didn't attend to. Haha. I just forgot that we had meeting yesterday, and we BDS kids were having our first theory paper exam yesterday, and I was like really exhausted physically and mentally that I sleep like a log for hours in the afternoon, and I didn't realise that there WERE a meeting yesterday. I know, my bad. 

But somehow, I dont really feel I am useful to Hijab Day team. Because this time, this event is mostly worked by MBBS Batch 32. My batch and MBBS 31 did this event for 2013, and maybe this year is batch 30's turn to organise it. I don't know what am I doing in this team, like literally I dont know. Are they even notice me? Hahaha. Thanks to Hariz batch 32, he did so much works, realising that I'm having exam.

Well, sometimes we have to give chances to other people to have the experience of working on certain events isn't it? That's what I'm doing, i think so =P Hahahaa

So far, these are the DPs made for Hijab Day promotion on Facebook. A big THANKS to them! I didn't took any part of doing it. For last year's Hijab Day in Manipal, you can refer to this entry.

Oh actually I have put my priority to Liqa' Mahabbah event because this time it is organised by my batch BDS4 and MBBS Batch 30. And so, I have made the first poster for teaser, and it has been released yesterday on Facebook.

I like the theme, which is spring season, and it really makes easier for me to choose what kind of design I would like to put in the poster.

And don't quickly get impressed with the poster, because the drawing ain't mine. Thanks to google, I have to make an express poster due to lack of time. Hello, I'm having exam don't you remember?

And yesterday, I was stuck in between Hijab Day and Liqa' Mahabbah. Which one should I use for my Facebook dp? I wanna use my poster for Liqa' as my dp, but... how about Hijab Day?

Nahh problem solved.

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