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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wake Up, Ummah!

I don't really know well to express what I feel, or what I think. So I think, making this poster (is it a poster?) is the best way to share what I thought of. What is written in the poster is all about what I have been thinking this night, so if there's something wrong with them, I am sorry, but I am not sorry if there's any grammatical mistakes or what, I just don't care. I use English so that my message can reach to anyone in the world.

Actually it is just a way to remind myself to always care for our ummah. But you can also take this as a reminder for you also. A warm reminder.

Do we realise that we are actually in debt to our brothers and sisters who are suffering all over the world, just to protect and defending our religion from the kuffar? Palestine, Syria, Rohingya, Iraq, Egypt, Bosnia, South Thailand, you name it. How can we actually live in a comfortable life, while they have to pay for it? Have we ever think of that? Palestinians are risking their lives to protect the Masjidil Aqsa. For what? For Islam itself! And protecting the mosque is a must for us as a muslim, and they have took their part and our part to protect it. Syrians are killed for being a muslim, for bearing a muslim's name, for defending the faith to the One and only one, Allah SWT. Rohingya people are killed for being a muslim. Look now, we are IN DEBT to them!

They sacrifice themselves for that purpose, and for that, they can at least claim for their contribution in Islam in the Day of Judgement. And to think of this, I have no idea how could I ever be compared to them. What's to be claimed if I never did something to raise Islam back to where it supposed to be?

To realize it or not, each one of us are actually able to help them, just with different ways. Never say you can't do anything to help them, because that is impossible. I say, it is IMPOSSIBLE. Well, there can't be anything good that you can't do, right? At least, make a Du'a for them whenever you can, make Du'a for them after salah, for du'a is a muslim's weapon. Build islam inside you. Help to build islam inside people around you. Give donation. Give support. Support any boycott campaign. To be honest, I am truly disappointed with some people who take boycott campaign as a seasonal event. To other products maybe it is hard to do so, like for our daily uses products, but I don't think it is hard not to eat McD's, don't you think so?  Come onnnnn, people, it's only McD! McD! Not more than a 'thing' full of preservatives that lasts for years. The cadavers here in our dissection hall also full of preservatives, wanna try some?  Okay sorry, just a simple comparison and also meant to discourage you from buying McD. haha

Wake up, ummah. Wake up!
They are calling us. It's the time for us to answer them.

*this picture (I mean the poster. Each photo in the poster is taken form google :D) is made by me and I allow anyone to reuse it for anything beneficial Insha Allah, and no credit is needed.

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