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Monday, August 22, 2011

My Only Exception

some of the comments about The Only Exception song by Paramore on Youtube :

:: Still waiting for my only exception... :/

:: I broke up with my girlfriend at a year and a half. I'm constantly thinking back on past memories, and this song especially hits me for some reason. Either for that reason or because her voice is just so damn beautiful <3

~Never knew a song could make me want to tear up

:: i find my only exception, and i will not let him GO.

:: oh i am reallly sorry....

:: we just have to accept tthe fact that some people are going to stay in our hearts even if they don't stay in our lives.

:: My exception didn't accept me as an expection.

:: so sad... but in reality there's no slow motion and rewind in having the greatest moment of exception. :(

:: im in love of a boy who's straight he's my only exception :(

:: I met someone recently, someone who makes me feel beautiful for the first time. He's real, and he likes me for me, and I felt like I can finally share my heart with someone. He's my exception, my one. Now, he is going back to Germany, and I don't know if I'll ever see him again. <3 I'll miss you ALEX. I hope you see this.

:: I found my only exception.

Now only If I could stop trying to scare him away.

Or run away.

:: I wish he knew I existed, like he used too. 15 yrs of friendship down the drain. I love him so much, but he doesnt want anything to do with me. Though he had told me he was in love with me..... I guess bc i have kids with another guy and cant get away from him.... I just want him..... everything he did gave me butterflies. this sucks.........

:: I remember when this mine and my girlfriend's song. Listening to this song gives me an ill feeling. Well, we're not together anymore, and all I feel is broken love. I miss my baby girl. She was the only exception to my heart.

Just can't get enough of this. haha

Well you are the only exception ^^

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