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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Adventure of the Strawberries Farm !

Yeay ! We have bring to you our fresh strawberries !!! It can be made as small strawberry for keychain or big strawberry for car's decorations like the below pictures.

1. Car's Strawberry with single layer of leaf (0003)
(5 strawberries sold to Pn. Kharun Niza)
RM 4.00

2. Car's Strawberry with double layer of leaves (0004)
(2 strawberries sold to Pn. Sue)
RM 5.00 each

3. Strawberry Rabbit (PSS0001) *limited*
(sold to Miss Vasqu)
1 more is AVAILABLE
RM 3.50

4. Strawberries' Chain (KCS0002)
(sold to Pn. Puziah)
RM 3.00

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